6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Cheap Domain

Interested in buying a cheap domain for your website? Here are 6 things to consider before buying the domain.  

If you are looking to buy a cheap domain for investment purposes or for your own business or personal use, it is important to take a look at all options available online. With a smart and careful planning, the chances are great that you will end up with a good and cheap domain name. University programs marketing

However, make sure not to make any rushed decisions and buy a domain name just because it’s cheap. There are 6 core features to consider before buying the domain:

6 Core Features to Keep in Mind When Buying a Cheap Domain

Follow these tips bellow, so you won’t have any regret in the future:

  1. Check The Domain Name for Expiration Date or Problems – When looking to buy a cheap domain name, you need to check the name for a history of problems before you decide to buy it. After all, you surely don’t want to put your online business future in danger. CheckDomain.com is a great tool to check the history and expiration date of the domain.
  2. Check if the Domain Name is Similar to an Existing Site – You surely don’t want to buy a domain name that is a variation of an existing site. This includes avoiding plurals if the singular is taken or adding prepositions before the name.
  3. Avoid Numbers – Regardless of how cheap the domain name is, if the name contains numbers, forget about it immediately. People can get very confused about whether the number is in a word or a digit form.
  4. Check if the Domain is banned by Google – It is of a great important to check whether or not the domain name have been banned by Google. Go to bannedcheck.com and check the domain.
  5. Check the Availability on Social Medias – Before buying the domain, make sure to check if the word or phrase is available on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and etc.
  6. Buy Short Domain – The longer the domain name is the harder it will be for people to remember it. Buy a domain name as short as possible. Discovering Free Hosting without Advertisements

You need to keep in mind that the domain name is your online identity! Make a smart decision and choose a cheap domain name that will represent your company, brand, or blog.